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There are more than 1,100 images for 2010. I've only uploaded about 125 or so. If you're looking for a particular truck/vehicle and don't see it posted, please reach me via the Contact page and I will attempt to locate and upload.
20100403__Hill Climb Day 1__000220100403__Hill Climb Day 1__000420100403__Hill Climb Day 1__000520100403__Hill Climb Day 1__000720100403__Hill Climb Day 1__000920100403__Hill Climb Day 1__001020100403__Hill Climb Day 1__001120100403__Hill Climb Day 1__001520100403__Hill Climb Day 1__002020100403__Hill Climb Day 1__003020100403__Hill Climb Day 1__005720100403__Hill Climb Day 1__006520100403__Hill Climb Day 1__007120100403__Hill Climb Day 1__008820100403__Hill Climb Day 1__012720100403__Hill Climb Day 1__014820100403__Hill Climb Day 1__019220100403__Hill Climb Day 1__020020100404__Hill Climb Day 2__000320100404__Hill Climb Day 2__0009