The quickest way to check pricing is to add to your cart, and pricing will show up (you can always remove the item if you don't want it!)  Note that not all items are shown on line because some specialty items are prepared by us. Specialty products including coffee mugs, water bottles, mouse pads, shirts, pillow cases, frosted beer steins, flasks, glass cutting boards, decks of cards and much more are available - product availability subject to change by manufacturer. Also available are custom hard covered books - we design that here for you! Custom posters which include text, sponsor names, etc., are also designed here in our office. 

There are two pricing categories - regular and premium event. 

Please call Joanie, 231-587-8700 for pricing and product information. Any questions or if you need help placing your order - we're here to help make it as simple as possible - just call! 

 Here are some of the most popular items available, with regular and premium pricing shown:

Most popular sizes are listed below. Please ask about CUSTOM POSTERS, also available, for slightly higher pricing.

Some of the specialty products are not available for on-line purchase --- the distributors regulate what items can be purchased directly from the website, and which ones must be processed by photographer.  If there is an item you would like but don't see it in the products available when you place your order, please call me for assistance.  

PERSONALIZED HARD COVERED BOOKS - various prices, covers, etc - allow a minimum of $300 for our most popular, highest quality book. Personalized cover, high quality pages, lay flat book style with a few hundred photos or more. Working on a budget? Save by choosing a vinyl covered book and opting for fewer photos. We can work with your budget.

CARDS - STATIONERY - ask about flat cards 4x6, flat cards 5x7, folded cards, greeting cards, Christmas cards, Open House, Graduation, Announcements, etc - various sizes, paper types - starting at $35 and up.  We work with only the best fulfillment centers and promise you, your personalized cards will stand out among others! Check our reviews - our customers are thrilled with the final product.

BUSINESS CARDS - sets of 25 (two sided printing) - starting at $30

ITEMS IN RED - are HOT ITEMS - Most Popular

KIDS EVENT FAVORITES ---- Pillow cases and Trader Cards are hot favorites.  Because of the detail involved in personalizing and ordering, they are not available to purchase on-line; I will have to put them together for you.  The pillow cases are soft - like a satin feel.  The trader cards are high quality; there are 12 per pack. These are two of the hottest items for kids personalized products.  Also available: buttons, magnets, custom posters, wall decals, custom vinyl banners and much more.  


Print Pricing
pricing subject to change - based on fulfillment center

SIZE Regular Premium Event  
Wallet - 4 / or 8 minis $5.25 $5.50  
4x6 $3.35 $4.50  
5x7 $5.00 $5.50  
8x10 $8.00 $8.50  
11x14 (ask how to get lower pricing) $17.00 $20.00  
12x18 (ask how to get lower pricing) $21.00 $20.00  
16x20 (ask how to get lower pricing) $30.00 $35.00  
20x24 (ask how to get lower pricing) $35.00 $40.00  
20x30 (ask how to get lower pricing) $45.00 $50.00  















Promotional & Specialty Items
prices subject to change - based on fulfillment center
Red indicates most popular

Product Regular Premium Event  
Deck of Playing Cards $25 $30  
Refrigerator Magnets $6 $7  
Buttons $5 $5  
Key Chains / Acrylic w/light $6 $6  
Statuettes (great for sports) $23 $25  
Ornaments - round $13 $15  
Small Cling 7" Mini Fat Head $16 $16  
Mouse Pad $13 $15  
Memory Mate (for sports) $8 $8  
Premium Wrap Ceramic coffee mug 11 oz $17 $20  
Premium Wrap Ceramic coffee mug 15 oz $18 $21  
Frosted Steins 16 oz glass $21 $25  
Travel Mug left hand 14 oz $22 $25  
Travel Mug right hand 14 oz $22 $25  
Water Bottle White/Silver Stainles steel (not a favorite) $21 $25  
Key Chains - Premium
heart, round, square, rect, megaphone shapes - nice!!
$11 $15  
Tshirts Youth XS-L $20 $21  
Tshirts Adult Men S-XXL    XXL + $6 $21 $22  
Tshirts Adult Women S-XXL $21 $22  
Sweatshirt, Adult $30 $32  
Large Tote Bags (NICE!) $20 $22  
Placemats for Kids $25 $25  
Front License Plates $17 $17  
Auto Flag double sided $22 $22  
Dog ID w/chain (NICE) $12 $12  
Pillow Case, Satin (NICE) $20 $20  
Glass Cutting Board (NICE)
Small 11 1/4 x 7.8
$30 $32  
Glass Cutting Board (NICE)
Large 15 1/4 x 11 1/4
$35 $37  
Flask - Stainless Steel (NICE) $20 $20  
Bedroom door knob hanger fiberglass/Plastic $13 $13  
Other ornaments - various shapes available - premium quality. Please ask.       
TRADER CARDS - 12 pack - HOT ITEM $12.00 $15.00  
Trader cards pricing discounts beginning with the third pack (premium only).