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2018 10 06 AR Elk Rapids serve to Mancelona IMG_91442018 10 06 AR Mancelona Teegan Griffore returns ball to Elk Rapids at Mancelona Invitational IMG_913820181006_Mancy Invite VB v ER_000120181006_Mancy Invite VB v ER_000220181006_Mancy Invite VB v ER_000320181006_Mancy Invite VB v ER_000420181006_Mancy Invite VB v ER_000520181006_Mancy Invite VB v ER_000620181006_Mancy Invite VB v ER_000720181006_Mancy Invite VB v ER_000820181006_Mancy Invite VB v ER_0009