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476 photos

When done, there will be 476 images in this folder. My awesome helper at the bottom of the hill who ran this camera doesn't have a lot of photography experience. All the falling snow and near white outs at time didn't help any! Since there are so many images, I didn't take the time to edit each and every one, but as orders are placed we will do any fine tuning to make them as clear and color corrected as possible. Thanks for looking!
20160402_SMSC D1 C2_161720160402_SMSC D1 C2_161820160402_SMSC D1 C2_161920160402_SMSC D1 C2_162020160402_SMSC D1 C2_162120160402_SMSC D1 C2_162220160402_SMSC D1 C2_162320160402_SMSC D1 C2_162420160402_SMSC D1 C2_162520160402_SMSC D1 C2_162620160402_SMSC D1 C2_162720160402_SMSC D1 C2_162820160402_SMSC D1 C2_162920160402_SMSC D1 C2_163020160402_SMSC D1 C2_163120160402_SMSC D1 C2_163220160402_SMSC D1 C2_163320160402_SMSC D1 C2_163420160402_SMSC D1 C2_163520160402_SMSC D1 C2_1636