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Images of the 8th annual Schuss Mountain Snow Challenge at Schuss Mountain in Mancelona, MI. WHEN COMPLETELY UPLOADED, there will be 1,616 images in this folder. This is one folder of four. These are Camera 1 Day 1 - taken mostly from the top of the hill. If inquiring about an image, please use the full file name below the image - usually begins with 2016-04-02-SMSC etc.
20160402_SMSC D1 C1_000120160402_SMSC D1 C1_000220160402_SMSC D1 C1_000320160402_SMSC D1 C1_000420160402_SMSC D1 C1_000520160402_SMSC D1 C1_000620160402_SMSC D1 C1_000720160402_SMSC D1 C1_000820160402_SMSC D1 C1_000920160402_SMSC D1 C1_001020160402_SMSC D1 C1_001120160402_SMSC D1 C1_001220160402_SMSC D1 C1_001320160402_SMSC D1 C1_001420160402_SMSC D1 C1_001520160402_SMSC D1 C1_001620160402_SMSC D1 C1_001720160402_SMSC D1 C1_001820160402_SMSC D1 C1_001920160402_SMSC D1 C1_0020