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2020 02 01 AR Ben Tarbutton start of 20k race with skiers IMG_91132020 02 01 AR Lars Hallstrom number 49 finishes first in the 50 k white pine stampede IMG_89872020 02 01 AR Lars Hallstrom number 49 first place 50 k winner White Pine Stampede IMG_89192020 02 01 AR Volunteers along Simpson Road check point IMG_90632020 02 01 AR White Pine 20K MIke Muha of Wixom MI IMG_91242020 02 01 AR White Pine Jordyn Ross Marquette 20K 37th overall  IMG_93032020 02 01 WC Jeff Koch emerges moments after start of the 50k IMG_89092020 02 01 WC Start of the 20K White Pine Stampede  at Mancelona High School IMG_91502020 02 01 WC WPS Banner starting 20K IMG_909120200201_2020 White Pine Stampede_000120200201_2020 White Pine Stampede_000220200201_2020 White Pine Stampede_000320200201_2020 White Pine Stampede_000420200201_2020 White Pine Stampede_000520200201_2020 White Pine Stampede_000620200201_2020 White Pine Stampede_000720200201_2020 White Pine Stampede_000820200201_2020 White Pine Stampede_000920200201_2020 White Pine Stampede_001020200201_2020 White Pine Stampede_0011